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Leak Detection

Locate faults in pipework before they have chance to become serious with leak detection and repair by Plumbers Barnet. Our skilled plumbers use the latest technology and techniques to examine your pipes and locate the source of any leaks. This can get to the bottom of lost radiator or shower pressure, explain central heating problems or find the cause of rising water bills!

A leak in your home or commercial premises is a serious matter. Burst pipes and leaks you can see are easy to spot as soon as they occur. Hidden leaks behind walls or fixtures are less simple - but more dangerous. Over time, water seeping into masonry and woodwork can cause damp and decay. Mould can develop, which is harmful to health, and expensive structural damage can be caused. Leaks must be dealt with swiftly, before they have time to develop and get worse.

Leak detection and resolution

If you suspect a leak, call Plumbers Barnet right away. We come to your premises with tools and equipment to diagnose the leak's cause and get it fixed as soon as possible. If we need to carry out more extensive work to solve the problem, we always try to provide a temporary fix that allows you to use your home as normal. We will also carry out leak detection if you call us to report a related problem that could be caused by a leak. The service is a typical part of a the landlord's safety check and any annual service check.

Got a question for Plumbers Barnet? Check the FAQs for answers to common queries, or call the team for a fast response to general enquiries and specific requests. Nothing is too much trouble for our friendly team: we are here to help you in any way we can.

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